2016 Warrior (12 nights on car from brand new)
- Allstar Performance Radiator
- TWM Spindles
- PPM Uppers
- Sweet Steering Rack
- Warrior Lowers
- Fuel Safe Fuel Cell
- Tiger Rear End
- Wilwood Calipers, Rotors, and Hubs
- Howe Master Cylinders
- Longacre Stepper Gauges
- VTAC Tachometer
- Complete Body
- Integra Front Shocks
- Bilstein Rear Shocks

- 419 Custom Race Engine
- Zero laps from fresh by Hendren Race Engines
- 13 degree heads
- KB Carburetor
- Beyea Headers with Mufflers
- Allstar Angled Carb Spacer
- Bert Ball spline Transmission
- Barnes 5 stage oil pump
- Peterson Oil Filter/Primer
- Peterson Dry sump oil tank

Willing to sell the engine and oil system separate from the car.

Car is race ready, just add a seat and belts.

If anyone wants to hear the motor run please let me know.

Asking $30,000

Thank You