Please help me

I have a honda civic fn2 type r i was trying to put 3rd gear at high revs when i pressed the clutch and i heard a grinding sound when trying to put the gear inn which sometimes happens if i dont press the cutch fully. The gear never went in. After this i stopped and the gears wouldnt go in unless car is turned off.

When i put the 1st gear i start the car i can use it but i can no longer change gear it wont go in.

The next day the gears went it but it was quite hard i took it up my parking which is in the hill and it held well clutch showed no struggle.

I changed the clutch oil with dot 4 as the oil was very dirty but the clutch cylinder was not leaking. After bleeding out the oil and adding new one the car went into gear when engine was started for the first time as if normal.

I had to accelerate alot for the car to move forward and i smelled the clutch after i stopped the gear would go into place without having to even press the clutch peddle and the car wont stall as if the catch is always pressed when its not.

The car had only 20miles done.
Please Help.
Thanks !

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