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Thread: GO Lithium 16 Volt Racing Battery !

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    Default GO Lithium 16 Volt Racing Battery !

    GO Lithium 16 volt batteries are the only lithium battery produced for the automotive racing market using our exclusive prismatic cell technology. This cell tech makes our battery extremely durable and perfectly suited for the racing markets.
    All other manufactures of lithium cranking batteries use multiple (up to 36)small cylindrical cells all wired together, creating multiple points of failure in the battery.
    I/we designed this battery from the ground up specifically for the racing industry with durability and power as the most important priorities.

    Since 2-1-15 we have sold 100 batteries and have completed the 2015 racing season without one single warranty claim..NO other battery manufacturer can claim that..Lithium,lead Acid or AGM...We are very proud of this accomplishment!!

    We are also turning the racing battery market on its head with our pricing...we are proud of that as well.

    We currently have our batteries in:
    Dirt Late Models
    Dirt Modifieds
    Asphalt Super Late Models
    Drag Cars- Including and up to the Fitzpatrick Racing Comp Eliminator and Shane Molinaris Pro Modified and Drag Boats..

    In every application a single 16 volt GO Lithium battery performed flawlessly.

    For a more in depth description of the GO Lithium Battery and charger please feel free to call me @ 800-393-9951 or visit our website at

    Thank you,

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    Looks like a good option. I'm just curious about the charging time.


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