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Thread: 4 cylinder roll cage question

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    Default 4 cylinder roll cage question

    I am preparing a car for my first endeavor into racing. I'll be racing at valley speedway in grain valley, mo in the dirt demon class. Dirt demon is a 4 cylinder starter class. I've never build a car before and the only rules in mot totally clear on are about the roll cage. Can anyone give me any input? Pictures would be the best if you have the same set up.

    A six-point roll cage is mandatory. Cage must be welded to 2” by 2” square tubing that is welded to the rocker panelsand the floor. Roll cage tubing must be minimum of 1 1⁄2” by .095 highly recommended 1 3⁄4” by .095. A minimum of three door bars is required on driver’s side. Earnhardt bar must be installed.

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    These guys build good cages at great prices. Freight isn't too bad.

    The Earnhardt bar they mention is a diagonal bar that connects the top rf corner to the top lr corner of the uprights... I think.


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