I'm new to wiring so please bear with me. I bought a race car which previously had a 350 engine and a solenoid wired seperately from the starter. Don't all 350 starters have the solenoid attached to the starter? Anyways I need to wire up my new starter and need to know if I need to go around this original solenoid, get rid of it, or use it somehow. I already burned up one starter because the starter wouldn't disengage. There is a push button start and a toggle switch that powers the distributor. There are two wires going to the solenoid in the car from behind the toggle switch and the heavy positive cable going in one side and out the other of the solenoid. When I burnt up the starter I had the positive cable going to the main stud of the starter and a small wire going to the small stud nearest the engine on the starter from the push button start. This is when the starter burnt up because the starter didn't disengage the starter gear. Which wires do I need going to the starter and can I get rid of the solenoid in the car?

I hope I explained this well enough.